Wellsilk Team


Wellsilk hires over 80 well-skilled and experienced employees that ensure the developing and manufacturing process are of high efficiency. This figure includes: 4 managers overlooking the process, 10 R&D merchandisers, 20 production merchandisers, 10 purchasing, 12 QA and 10 QC for production.

Sample Room

Wellsilk’s sample room consists of 12 very knowledgeable pattern makers and 60 sewing workers that work towards producing high quality samples.


Wellsilk’s sewing factory, also based in Shenzhen (China), consists of a cutting, sewing and a finishing room. It has 10 production lines, each line with 20-25 sewers. Each line has a quality inspector and a supervisor to ensure garments are of a satisfactory level. The factory also has 2 vice-managers and 50 finishing workers.